Retirees With a Mission

What does a busy lady with a mission heart do when she retires? She gets busier of course! Dr. Shirley Freed was praying for God to direct her as she prepared to retire from being a professor in Andrews University’s Leadership Program.

Dr. Freed has had a busy career, living in Canada, the United States, and Pakistan, while also visiting and helping in other countries. After praying, she received an email from Julia O’Carey asking her to considering helping ASAP on a mission trip to train literacy teachers. The ASAP team that traveled with Dr. Freed thoroughly enjoyed her! Julia shared, “She so easily connects with the local people, giving out gifts and smiles, making them feel truly valued.” Dr. Freed visited the Feed and Read Schools, met with the teachers, and led them in a dynamic, interactive training program. She also brought along a Bible story-based easy reader series she had developed and found translators to assist her in sharing the stories, which helped to get the Cambodian children excited about learning to read.

Though she is moving back to Canada, Dr. Freed plans to remain an active, involved board member with ASAP Ministries. Through the internet, she will continue to help Julie Griswold and her team develop the curriculum that will make a significant difference for children at risk of abuse in Southeast Asia. She and her husband are working on a simpler version of Ellen White’s classic book Education that could be translated more easily into Khmer and other Southeast Asian languages.

Dr. Freed is a wonderful example of a retiree that is determined to use her skills to further God’s kingdom in a world of suffering. There are many ways that retirees can help ASAP Ministries and other organizations. Retirees often volunteer at the office to help with sending out newsletters and other mailings. They also make donor appreciation calls. They can be effective promoters of the various needs of the ministry. If you are interested in serving, contact ASAP Ministries to find out how you can help.