God's Amazing Timing


We serve a God of order, patience, and multiplication. About 40 years ago, I bought a state duck stamp print for $125. In January of 2021, I placed it for sale on eBay. Surprisingly, it sold for $2,500. At that same exact time, the ASAP Priceless Gift Catalog arrived in our mailbox. Now, receiving a Christmas gift catalog in January might seem strange. But since I ship a lot of items that I sell on eBay, I know at this time a lot of the items can take up to 30 days to arrive, even with priority mail. (ASAP also learned that delivery of the gift catalog was delayed in many areas by postal service issues related to COVID-19 and the U.S. presidential elections.) 

When I browsed through the catalog, Gift #15, Pave the Way for the Gospel in Nakhai, caught my eye. It stated the need for a road to be built for the local farmers to get produce to market. This appealed to me because Jesus always ministered to the physical needs of people first. (A good example of this is His first miracle at the wedding in Cana.) Marvel of all! The road only cost $2,500. 

I knew that the sale of the duck print and the need that matched were no coincidence. God always points to things we can do to help bring people to the kingdom of Heaven. Our blessing is that we can be instruments in that goal. To God be all the glory!