Literacy Student Chhom Boran Finds a Way

Hi! I’m Chhom Boran living in Cambodia.

If you visited me in Tang Krasang (my home village) recently you would see only the rooftops of many of our homes peeking out of a giant lake of water. The rains have kept coming day and night. “Will they ever stop?” many of us wondered.

“How am I going to get to school and church?” I thought. I love going and can’t imagine missing a day. “Dear Father, please show me a way. You know I can’t swim and we are too poor to own a boat,” I prayed.

After searching a little, I spotted a big frying pan my mother uses to cook food during the festivals. “Will it float?” I wondered. I cautiously stepped into the middle of it and started paddling on one side then the other. Little by little, my “boat” circled its way to the church/school.

When I finally arrived, Pr. Pen Narith greeted me with a big surprised smile. “Chhom, were you afraid you might capsize and sink?” he asked. “No, Pastor,” I replied. “I have no fear because God is with me. This big flood won’t keep me away. Just like Jesus blessed me with the knowledge of how to read and write, I know he will bless me to be faithful and keep coming to school everyday and church each Sabbath, too.”

Editor’s Note: Through the ASAP literacy program, many women and children learn to read and write and learn of Jesus through His Word and choose to accept Him as their Savior. Chhom Boran’s school has 80 students attending, however, during the flooding 40 regularly came. Could you sponsor a literacy teacher and make a diference in the lives of many children like Chhom Boran today?