Ordinary People, Divine Assignments


Open Doors reports, “There is no freedom of religion in Turkmenistan. The dictatorial government uses a huge network of police, secret services, and local imams to closely monitor all religious activities.” How will the gospel commission be completed in such a country? Here is one of God’s plans—to use people like you and me.

Monte from America met Mr. D from Turkmenistan at the front desk of the Sultan Hotel while traveling through Turkey. They kept in touch through Facebook, with Monte planting seeds of friendship and truth. Weeks later Mr. D’s father needed a critical surgery and Monte’s father funded it. Mr. D was so appreciative that he decided he wanted to attend the Seventh-day Adventist church near his workplace in Turkey. He is thrilled at the truths he’s learning.

When Mr. D’s father came from Turkmenistan to visit his son, he was excited to have the freedom he doesn’t have in his country to also FaceTime Monte and his father to say thank you for his surgery. Through My Language My Life, MLML.org, Monte shared the Jesus video in the Turkmen language. Now God has someone in Turkmenistan who knows the truth about Jesus.

Without ever leaving your town you may meet someone from a country with restricted access to the gospel. Thousands of international students study in our universities, and hundreds of thousands of international travelers pass through our hotels and tourist attractions. Pray and watch for an opportunity to meet someone from another country.

Daiana and her family recently moved back to the United States after living in a Spanish-speaking country. As she learned about the Reach the World Next Door (RWND) cross-cultural training program, she remembered how she had felt when she first moved to the United States. “It was such a struggle learning the language and making friends,” Daiana said. “I want to help refugees who are also struggling.”

Daiana and her daughter joined a group of volunteers doing children’s programs at an apartment where many Afghan refugees had arrived. They loved the eager children. They visited a Spanish-speaking church and spoke about the joy of reaching out to refugees. “We understand what they have been through,” Daiana told them. “And we have the truths they need.”

Be confident that just as God led Philip to the Ethiopian, He will lead you. Make a friendship and find a way to keep in touch online. Explore in advance the many resources on MLML.org so you will be ready to share the gospel in their language. We encourage you to visit reachtheworldnextdoor.org/training and learn how to connect with international students and local refugees.