Supporting KAA

In 2013, ASAP was able to provide support to the Karen Adventist Academy (KAA), due to the kindness of Versacare and some private donors. I think it is so special that we actually have a Seventh-day Adventist School in the primitive Mae Ra Moo Refugee Camp located right on the border of Myanmar and Thailand!

In this K-12 school, over 700 students have an amazing opportunity to prepare for a better future through this school’s education. More than that, they are able to learn about Jesus’ love and become His disciples.  

The money ASAP sends supports teachers. Their principal is Yo Poe and his number one desire is for each student to accept Jesus as Savior and live the truth. He is also a man of faith and prayer.

The school building is just bamboo slats, big teak leaves for the roof, and a dirt floor; however, the students keep it very clean and take pride in it! The outreach activities they participate in give them a purpose outside themselves that lifts the hopelessness of living in a refugee camp for years!

I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of visiting Karen Adventist Academy this past year, especially as I saw the smiles on the faces of the children, the respect they have for their teachers, and the quality teaching that was taking place. This brought praise to my lips and gratefulness to my heart for all those who supported this school.

You can sponsor a KAA teacher for $70/month or give in general for KAA today