Update on ASAP Refugee Student Missionaries


Many of you intently followed Soe Soe and Jasmine in the ASAP Refugee Student Missionary Vlog, JOURNEYS,  from their initial launching challenges to their amazing front-line mission work on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Thank you for your support and prayers for them!

Update on Jasmine Moo

Jasmine successfully completed the school year serving as ASAP’s refugee student missionary teacher for high school age students in one of our bigger mission schools. As a strong spiritual model for the students who lack Christian parents, she was affectionately called “Mo” which means “Mommy” in the Karen language. She led out in a select choir and brought music and life to the campus. Jasmine reflects on her experience and says, “I learned that the students are very dependable because even when they were running from aircraft bombings, they continued studying for their final exams.” Keep Jasmine in prayer as she seeks God’s will in whether she should continue her studies or gain more experience teaching in America before she heads back as a career missionary. Her heart is there with her people.

Update on Pastor Soe Soe

Pastor Soe Soe dove right into ministry from day one. He endured an extremely hot summer, fought off mosquitoes, avoided bullets and soldiers, traversed rough terrains, and more, all with a courageous heart and a smile on his face. He conducted Week of Prayer programs at many ASAP mission schools. Many young people responded by asking for Bible studies and baptism. He encouraged the church planters and lay pastors who felt like giving up and he strengthened their professional training course. On December 7, 2022, Soe Soe married the love of his life, Theysa Yee, who is serving alongside him in ministry, as ASAP's main accountant for projects serving displaced people in the border region. He has recently been appointed by the Southeast Asia Union Mission to be the Ministerial Secretary of the new attached field and will continue serving the Lord with ASAP Ministries.