Reach the World Next Door Stories

Open Doors reports, "There is no freedom of religion in Turkmenistan. The dictatorial government uses a huge network of police, secret services, and local imams to closely monitor all religious activities." How will the gospel commission be completed in such a country? Here is one of God's plans—to use people like you and me.
God is constantly working to get His message out in every language. A few years ago, He sent an energetic man to an ASAP booth in Southern California, where he met me and took some My Language My Life cards.
On the steps of Pioneer Memorial Church, by the statue of John Andrews and his children staring off across the ocean to the mission field, she said, “We need someone in the Thailand refugee camps right now. Will you go?” Her passion, her prayers, and her invitation changed the course of our entire lives.
Pastor Chanla Dok and his friends are reaching some of the 70,000 Khmers in the concrete jungles of Long Beach, California with their new Sua Sdei (Welcome) Center. Read more…
Imagine what life would be like if the ocean's dried up and suddenly the poor of the world were at our doorstep.