Reach the World Next Door Stories

When Reach the World Next Door's Muslim Ministry Coordinator moved away, the team began praying earnestly, asking God to send someone who could speak the Dari language of the Afghan refugees they serve. But they knew it would take a miracle.
When an anonymous donor gave a special gift to send the ASAP office staff and their families on a mission trip, we immediately jumped on board. Soon we were on our way to multicultural, immigrant-dense Houston, TX, where we spent an unforgettable weekend serving as Reach the World Next Door missionaries.
The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for our evangelism among the Chinese in Houston, Texas. In the beginning, we waited for the city to reopen, but as month after month dragged by it seemingly became only more impossible to reach those in our community. We prayed and prayed, asking God to open a new door for us...
Recent developments in Afghanistan might not affect you – until you realize your neighbors could be facing one of their lives' biggest crises. Read this story by Pr. Scott Griswold to learn how Reach the World Next Door is helping families of immigrants from Afghanistan.
“You’re sleeping in your car?” I couldn’t believe it. Phaly, his wife, Kak, and son, Chris, had no water or heat in their house, and it was super cold. Soon we learned that around four million Texans were facing the same, ill prepared for eight days of freezing weather.
William and Rachel made a decision that took them to places they never imagined as mission fields! Why not join them on their journey?
Read how a big flood opened the way for refugees and immigrants to meet the biggest God.
Discover the key to church growth. It might surprise you!
Do you recognize a miracle when you see one? Read what all God did with 26 acres and a hurricane!
Whether in India or Indianapolis, this Mizo missionary has seen the power of prayer, repentance, and the Holy Spirit transform congregations and lead new people to Christ. Catch the fire. Read more…
With more and more refugees coming to America a huge mission field is being placed in our arms. We are excited to report that the Mizo company has become an organized church, the Zomi group has become a company, and refugee ministries are on the rise. Read more...
Giants come in all shapes and sizes. Meet this soft-spoken, humble man of God and find out how God is using him to reach world next door.