When the radio program in Surin, Thailand, started to become obsolete, ASAP medical missionary Sompong decided that the city people needed to hear God's message too. Read how the church orchestrated a impactful health outreach that touched the hearts of many in the community.
Raised Buddhist, Sher Htet Naing Min had no interest in what his Adventist teachers shared about God and the Bible. Learn how a dream and a series of divine appointments led him to accept Christ as his Savior.
"Do you think prayer really works?" Miriam's relatives taunted her as she prayed for her injured brother. Discover how God rewarded the faith of this ASAP church planter.
What began as a normal day for two ASAP missionaries in a closed country took a sudden turn for the worse when one was arrested for sharing sermon DVDs in the market. See how God turned her interrogation into an unexpected witnessing opportunity!
For ASAP Mission Advancement Officer Lisa Isensee, a Friday evening vespers with Karen refugees in St. Paul, Minnesota offered an unforgettable lesson in sacrificial giving.
Over 450 young Karen refugees gathered from all over the United States at Camp Wagner in Cassopolis, Michigan from July 17-20, 2019. This special group of young people experienced nurturing and inspiring speakers, and were revived by the stories from fellow Karen. Read on to learn how Doh Htoo experienced God's providence while canvassing in Iowa.
As dawn broke across the sky on March 19, 2019, a large group of missionaries, church leaders, and friends gathered in Myaungmya, Myanmar, for the dedication of the Ahlin Medical Missionary Training Center. The word Ahlin means "light" in Burmese, and this center is already showing promise as a great light to the people of Myanmar. Read more about the story behind this center.
“They’re here! They’re here!” the children cried. They had been waiting all summer for the Rise High day camp. In August, three college students and a newly married couple traveled to Houston, Texas, to help the Reach the World Next Door staff and local church members present a three-hour program for six days at an apartment complex full of refugees.
There are currently over 900,000 Eritrean refugees and asylum-seekers living in Ethiopia. These brave individuals have fled their homeland to escape forced military inscription, persecution, and torture. Read how ASAP Ministries partnered with a trauma team from the Andrews University School of Social Work to bring the message of God's healing power to a refugee camp in Shire, Ethiopia.
On a recent, cool, summer evening, I sat down with Pi Lampai to reflect on our recent mission trip adventures to Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Through laughter, tears, and a mixture of Thai, Laotian, and English (sometimes even in one sentence), stories and experiences unfolded. May this shortened interview with Pi (Thai for “sister”) Lampai inspire a deeper passion in your heart for serving others as it did in mine.
Oon Jai Foundation has worked in a closed Southeast Asian country for several years to alleviate poverty and empower local people through health, education, and farming. This past March, an exciting opportunity opened up for Oon Jai, ASAP Ministries, and ADRA Thailand to partner in providing much needed vision care and distributing free glasses.
Recently, a small committed team from America and Canada partnered with the ASAP-sponsored Samraong Adventist School to represent Jesus to a Buddhist community. They chose to hold public evangelistic meetings, something many think does not work among Buddhists. The teachers at the school were thrilled by the response.
“When we went there the church was run down. No water. The toilet and roof were unusable. Windows broken. Graffiti on the church walls. Uncared for. Looking from the outside, people thought the church was abandoned.” These words from Sone Faraimo, ASAP’s field supervisor in Thailand, describe his experience with an assignment to rescue a church in the south of the country.
Imagine fleeing your home because of persecution, only to be hunted down in the country you thought would be safe. This is the reality for many refugees living in Bangkok, who struggle for daily survival with the little that they have. Read how ASAP's new Bangkok Refugee Assistance Project (BRAP) is helping families in these situations.
Multilingual 35-year-old ASAP missionary Abigail Oanh* has been church planting in a closed country for five years now and also works with five groups, teaching people to read and write. She has had to bear up under repeated attacks by Satan, who wants to stop her work.
Students at Ruth Murdoch Elementary School (RMES) in Berrien Springs, Michigan, invited ASAP staff to visit them and share stories about God's work in Asia. Inspired by what they heard, the students of RMES rallied to give of what they had to further the mission!
DVDs are the most requested resource in one country where ASAP works in Southeast Asia. Read about how children at the Wisconsin campmeeting were moved to contribute their quarters and dollars to make an eternal difference in the lives of Southeast Asians.
In 2002, Christians in Eritrea began experiencing persecution in their country, and the church went underground. One Eritrean, Bemnet Meried, felt called by God to work to reach his people. Now his ministry is yielding a blessed harvest.
The history of war in one closed country in Southeast Asia has caused Christianity to be seen as a hostile element and a dangerous influence from the West. Church buildings are forbidden and Christians are harassed. Thomas Xay’s* village was not spared this persecution.
Judy Aitken, Founder of ASAP Ministries, fell asleep in Jesus on December 10, 2018. The following article is adapted from the life sketch shared during her memorial service at Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan, on December 21, 2018.
“We need a pastor. Will you help us?” Pastor Chanchai Kiatyanyong heard the question over and over as he visited Hmong Adventist groups around the U.S. following the 2015 General Conference Session. Little did he know how God would answer the prayer of the Hmong in North America--through him!
God has a beautiful plan for all the nations living in Houston. It seems very apparent that His plan this year is to build a solid base of church members who will reach out. Next year, on-campus students at Reach the World Next Door will have the privilege of working alongside a maturing ministry to the least-reached!
Saw See* convulsed in another spasm of coughing. Blood spewed from his mouth as he tried to regain control. Only 30 years old, he felt like an old man already. Poverty, tuberculosis, and an addiction to alcohol assaulted his physical reserves and drowned any dreams he might have had at one time. Then Nin Si,* an ASAP medical missionary, arrived at his door.
Not long ago I was one of the rebellious ones. My teen friends and I often got into fights, especially when we played soccer and something went wrong. School was the last place I wanted to be and finally, the principal suspended me for fighting.
On August 20, 2018, over two hundred workers and trainers gathered at the SALT Center near Siem Reap, Cambodia for practical spiritual training and nourishment. Read about how the workers were blessed--as well as the team members who traveled to fellowship and train with them.
More than 97,000 men, women, and children live in No Man’s Land, a place no one would ever choose to inhabit! Learn about the floods of water and evil that threaten to wipe them out.
William and Rachel made a decision that took them to places they never imagined as mission fields! Why not join them on their journey?
Early on a Sunday morning, more than 140 people from the Berrien Springs community and surroundings rose to the challenge of helping fifteen schools located in Myanmar. Find out how running helped bring back smiles of hope to needy children in conflict zones.
Out of a whole village, only a man named No accepted the message of truth brought by one of our workers. Discover how his "yes" turned a pagan village into a place of witness.
A "throw-away baby" becomes an agent of life for others abandoned alongside the road of brokenness and dysfunction.
Read how a big flood opened the way for refugees and immigrants to meet the biggest God.
Yes, angels do love to crowd into some smoke-filled rooms full of disfigured people. Now, why could that be?
Paralysis in her legs and a dried-up milk supply led this new mother and her family to the Sabbath truth. Read how God makes such connections.
Discover the key to church growth. It might surprise you!
Father knows best! Lisa Isensee follows His leading step by step and winds up doing what she’d hoped to do from the beginning.
Do you recognize a miracle when you see one? Read what all God did with 26 acres and a hurricane!
Meet a little “bomb” that’s exploding in the stronghold of the enemy.
Out of his comfort zone meant not only a new country and language and school, but a new way of honoring his parents. Read Saeng’s moving story of a refugee boy who became a church planter who became….Well, you’ll just have to see.
Send the money or spend the money? Find out what difference this trip made in one family's life.
From the bottom of a well, a leper finds new life.
Years in prison didn't dampen this man's enthusiasm for Christ. Pastor Victory of the Gospel lives his belief!
How could a prayer for a part-time job in Michigan lead to an encounter with Syrian refugees in the Middle East North Africa Union?
What did disappearing disease, overcoming addictions, and poverty have in common? God's grace! Really? Discover why in these stories.
An uninterested unbeliever and a broken-down truck turn an unwelcome trial into a divine opportunity.
Seeds planted 22 years ago finally explode into life as a remote tribe comes into contact with a former acquaintance and his friends.
Just how many ways are there to do something good for someone else? Mark and Lydie Regazzi, faithful ASAP contributors, thought of another one.
“You’ve got to get this bitterness out.” I just really felt the Holy Spirit urging me to tell him he would be bondage to his father’s murderers if he didn’t.
Mr. Elmer Myaing describes the Bible as "faithful"—find out why.
“If you had an extra 50, what would you do with it?” Immediately a lady answered, “I would put my girl in school.” She knew the huge value of education to help her daughter have a better future. Read More…
Whether in India or Indianapolis, this Mizo missionary has seen the power of prayer, repentance, and the Holy Spirit transform congregations and lead new people to Christ. Catch the fire. Read more…